What is Totus Tuus?

We are excited to bring Totus Tuus back to Archdiocesan parishes for the upcoming summer. This summers camp will be designed with specific guidelines following the latest CDC recommendations. We will continue to work closely with each parish and the COVID-Taskforce to produce a safe and fun experience for our youth, parish staff, and missionary teachers. Please stay tuned as we continue to develop specific Totus Tuus guidelines.

The Totus Tuus program aims to inspire young people to long for holiness, develop a deep desire for conversion and personally renew their faith with a stronger prayer life. Through evangelization and catechesis, Totus Tuus seeks to foster openness to the sacrifices and blessings of the various Christian vocations.

The program began in 1987 as a vacation bible school program in the Diocese of Wichita, Kansas. In 2007, Totus Tuus of Chicago launched its pilot program with two teams serving 10 parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Diocese of Joliet. The program continues to expand, now serving over 24 parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

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The Five Pillars of Totus Tuus

The Eucharist
The Eucharist is an integral part of Totus Tuus schedule. Prayer provides the structure, but the celebration of the holy sacrifice of the Mass is the “source and summit” of the daily schedule.

Marian Devotion
Totus Tuus catechists and counselors (missionaries) lead young people of the program to Jesus for a week, however, Mary will lead them to Jesus for a lifetime. Meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary, we come to see how Mary always leads us to her Son.

Catechetical Instruction
Totus Tuus instructs young people on the basic tenets of the Catholic faith to cultivate both a firm intellectual grounding and a solid relationship with Jesus. All of our teachings aim to help young people grow in their faith and friendship with Jesus Christ.

Vocation Discernment
Totus Tuus strives to foster Christian vocations by encouraging young people to begin discerning God’s call in their lives. College-aged teachers sign a “covenant” in which they promise to be open to and actively discern God’s will for them. It’s through this, they can help others do the same.

Totus Tuus demonstrates that one can be a faithful Catholic and still have fun. Morning “pump up,” silly skits and songs, recess and water fights at each parish infuse the element of fun into the program.



Totus Tuus uses sacred scripture and the catechism of the Catholic Church to instill the faith of the Church in the hearts and minds of young people. The program follows a six-year cycle to give young people the opportunity to be a part of Totus Tuus year after year. Please see below for the most recent cycle. 

Each year, there is a focus on Marian devotion as well. Every day of the week the youth learn of another mystery and pray a decade of the rosary after recess as an entire group. By the end of the week, youth will have prayed an entire rosary and deepened their understanding of Christ’s life through reflecting on the mysteries of the rosary. Details on the cycle are below. 

  • Year One (2018): The Apostles Creed

  • Year Two (2019): The Sacraments

  • Year Three (2021): The 10 Commandments

  • Year Four (2021): The Virtues

  • Year Five (2022): Prayer and Our Father

  • Year Six (2023): The Mystery of Salvation

To parallel this six-year cycle, Totus Tuus follows a four-year cycle dedicated to the mysteries of the Rosary:

  • The Joyful Mysteries

  • The Luminous Mysteries

  • The Sorrowful Mysteries

  • The Glorious Mysteries