A high school discerner’s reflection

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

In a field of tall green grass, flowers of all types blooming in their pastel and bright colors, trees fully clothed in pure green leaves full of life and water as a solid color blue, there was a man in white with his back facing forward calling a name. “I could not see his face, but I felt that it was God In my dream very calmly calling me by name,” said Osmar Rocha, a Quigley Discerner expressing his dream. Rocha shared his dream with his godfather, Fr. Gary Graf, who confirmed Rocha’s initial reaction that God has a purpose for him. During his second year of communion, Rocha told his parents he wanted to be a priest and since then his parents, godfather and pastor have been heavily involved in his discernment.

“My parents are very happy. They know the world needs priests and there needs to be a lot of help in the church. They are happy for whatever decision I make,” Rocha shared. When his pastor, Fr. Diego Cadavid from St. Donatus, saw an announcement regarding Vianney Visit for high school men, he invited Rocha to attend.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional road-trip to visit St. John Vianney College Seminary for Vianney Visit was replaced with a livestreamed program. The Vocation Office along with Our Lady of Tepeyac Parish hosted the program in the late afternoon of Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020, and invited high school and college-aged discerners with their families. The program initiated with Mass, prayers and was followed by dinner. “I enjoyed meeting new families. I like learning about their culture and where they’re from. I enjoyed meeting each other better,” Rocha mentioned. Before the livestream started, “Fr. Tim gave his 3-minute prayers that I sometimes use in the mornings or nights,” Rocha said. After prayers and dinner, the livestreamed program followed providing insight on the life of a seminarian, vocation callings, and testimonies from the seminarians.

Osmar Rocha attended Vianney Visit with an open mind and the hopes to answer some of his questions about the college seminary. A welcoming and family-friendly school that shows a true desire to help all with their discernment is important to Rocha. “It’s not a scary place to go in. They showed a nice transition and we received a warm welcome. Sounds like a good school where family and discerning are important,” Rocha observed. The vocation stories and testimonies were also important to Rocha. “I liked the stories of priests and seminarians. I can

relate to the seminarian stories while the priests had more years of experience,” Rocha explained.

As a Youth Group Leader in his parish, Osmar Rocha continues to be available to help his church. Organizing weekly bible studies and with a mission to continue his discernment, Rocha’s advice to fellow young people is “not to be scared but to receive everything with grace and to be open minded. For me God has called me to be involved in groups as He’s forming my path. It’s like a puzzle piece. It’s clear as day”. When asked if he would like to join the upcoming Vianney Visit in February, Rocha’s response was, “Yes, you learn more each time. Plus, you will get more questions answered than the first time”.

The upcoming Virtual Vianney Visit will be held at St. Edward Church on Feb. 11, 2021, from 5 - 7:30 p.m. The Vocation Office invites all young men in high school and college who are interested in learning more about the College Seminary to join for an opportunity to converse with other young men who are open to the call to the priesthood. Whether your vocation calling originates from a dream or you are just connecting another puzzle piece to clarify your vocation, the Vocation Office is available to help with your discernment.


Author: Erica Zapien