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The Church of Chicago has a long tradition of providing a supportive environment for young men interested in the priesthood. Historically, high school and college seminaries have met this need by providing education and formation for candidates to the priesthood.

More recently, however, a growing number of men outside this traditional age group are seeking information and discernment about diocesan priesthood. Often older than other candidates, these men have graduated from college or worked in business or professional life, sometimes for a number of years. Presently, many begin their inquiry and discernment of a vocation to the priesthood during their post-college years.

Recognizing the needs of this growing group of candidates, the Archdiocese of Chicago has a program to provide support, information, and formation for adult men considering priesthood. InSearch, a program for men 22–40 years of age, provides a supportive and formative climate in which they can freely and openly explore their interest in the priesthood

Designed for individuals who have a serious interest in the priesthood and have begun a discernment process, InSearch provides information, group interaction, and the opportunity for apostolic experience and spiritual direction. InSearch provides a “sacred space” in which an individual can listen to the promptings of God and his own heart, and then respond with generosity and commitment in the way that is best for him.

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Hector Daniel Garcia’s Story (Link)

For more information about InSearch, please contact:

Rev. Timothy Monahan
Vocation Director
[email protected]