ECHO: Theology of the Body Camp

What is ECHO?

ECHO is a Theology of the Body Camp. At ECHO, we dive into, unpack, and process the themes of prayer, our identity, and our mission to love. We are all created to be in personal relationship with God, and each of us are created as a unique, unrepeatable man or woman with a vocation to love like God. At ECHO, we dive into questions like: What does it mean to be a man or woman? What does it mean to be a son/daughter, brother/sister, spouse, father/mother? What does it mean to really love like God? How can dating become a life-giving experience? What does it mean to have authentic, pure, life-giving relationships? much more!

What do you do at ECHO?

ECHO is known for being awesomely spontaneous! We follow God wherever He leads us, but some things you can expect to do are:

  • Listen to Inspiring Talks and have really great discussions
  • Go Hiking
  • Have some awesome one-on-one time with Jesus
  • Jam out to Live Music and maybe share your gifts and talents
  • Engage your competitive spirit in some awesome games and sports
  • Receive God’s amazing gift of mercy in the sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Attend Daily Mass and receive Jesus...every day!
  • and...experience the Love of God and a community like you've never experienced before!

So, join the Dumb Ox team and a stellar crew of young adult mentors for a week you’ll never forget!

Who can go to ECHO?

Echo Chicago is open to entering juniors and seniors in High School as well as graduating seniors and young adults. Due to space, overall balance of male/female ratio, and other factors, the camp is necessarily limited.

How do I apply for ECHO?

The application process for ECHO varies slightly for teens and young adults/adults. For more information on the application process for each age group, please click below.

Young Adult/Adult Application Process Step-By Step Guide (PDF)
Teen Application Process Step-By Step Guide (PDF)

To begin the first step of the application process for young adults/adults, please click here.
To begin the first step of the application process for teens, please click here.